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Winner of Best International Feature Documentary at Doc Edge 2023

Winner of Best Cinematography at Doc Edge 2023

Winner of Best Feature Documentary, Al Ard Film Festival 2024

Ireland's Official Nomination for the Oscars in the Best International Feature category at the 96th Academy Awards

Contender for an Oscar in the Best Feature Documentary category at the 96th Academy Awards

Nominee for Cinema for Peace Award 2024


Co-Director, Stephen Gerard Kelly, speaks to Deadline at Red Sea Film Festival.

Stephen Gerard Kelly speaks to Awards Daily.

Stephen Gerard Kelly, producer Myriam Sassine, and Pamela Yates discuss the film with a live Q&A.

Stephen Gerard Kelly's interview with Arab News on how the film came to be.

Stephen Gerard Kelly's Q&A with Sedona Film Festival.

RTE Radio 1

Stephen Gerard Kelly tells Moira Hannon about how In The Shadow of Beirut came about and Áine Moriarty, Chief Executive of IFTA, discusses its Best International Feature Film entry for the 2024 Oscars.

Click here to listen.

BBC Radio Ulster

Stephen Gerard Kelly speaks on Sunday with Steven Rainey about 

In the Shadow of Beirut.

Click here to listen.

IFTA Academy CEO,

Áine Moriarty

“This raw storytelling on screen is delivered with such heart-breaking honesty. Stephen has been trusted to bring us up close and personal in this film, into the lives of families who are full of love as they try to live and survive, with the question of hope and human resilience at its core.”
 "...a required viewing that has the potential to evolve into a rallying cry for anyone with the power to act and aid the situation — which should be all of us."
"...there’s no beauty to show here, despite former cinematographer Kelly’s accomplished work. There’s always love, though. If only there was more to go around."
"Highlighting the humanity and kindness and how people continue to live, love and hope in the face of overwhelming adversity. The filmmakers’ dedication to immersing themselves in the community is evident throughout the film. The deep connection to the families shines through in every frame. This film is a must watch for anyone."
"...the warmth of its human observation and the exceptional imagery make for an engaging experience..."
"...captures his humans up close, in ensemble and against the dense, chaotic sprawl of Sabra-Shatila..."
"...the film is an essay on the debilitating pestilence of want...often quite beautiful. No clattering vérité jumble, the film takes in many neatly composed shots in rich nocturnal honest film" 
"...There’s a resilience in these people and in the hundreds of thousands like them across the city, a strength borne out of the bond of family and love that no price can be put on. It’s compelling and prescient storytelling, unflinching in its narrative but full of purpose and soul." 
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